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Instant Boost Plan Explained

Changing weather, changing seasons, changing rates – there are a lot of things that can influence the cost of electricity that are out of your control. But what if you could know exactly how much your electric bill would be every month? At Spark Energy will give you the power to take back control with the Instant Boost 12 Plan!

What is the Instant Boost 12 Plan?

The Instant Boost 12 Plan is a revolutionary way to pay for electricity. As long as your monthly usage doesn’t go over 2,750 kWh you’ll pay a flat base price each month. The plan term is 12 months at that guaranteed monthly price.

What Are the Benefits of the Instant Boost 12 Plan?

If you hate surprises on your monthly bills you’ll love the Instant Boost 12 Plan. The set monthly price finally makes your electric bills predictable.
Because the price remains the same every month, the Instant Boost 12 Plan makes it easier to budget. It’s an even bigger benefit if you operate on a fixed budget each month.
There are also no minimum usage fees with the Instant Boost 12 Plan.

How Do I Sign Up for an Instant Boost 12 Plan?

Currently, the Instant Boost 12 Plan is offered to our CPE and ONCOR customers. If you’re in one of those marketplaces, simply enter your zip code to sign up for an Instant Boost 12 Plan or any of our other available plans


Is the Spark Instant Boost 12 Plan Capped?

Nope. Since the Instant Boost 12 Plan is a tiered plan you won’t be capped. You’ll pay the monthly plan fee and a price per kWh for usage over 2,750 kWh in a billing cycle.

In what markets is this plan available?

Centerpoint Energy (CPE) and ONCOR utility service area only.

What If I Use Less Than 2,750 kWh a Month?

Don’t use quite that much energy? We’ve still got a plan for you! Our Instant Plus Plan provides a set monthly price for customers that don’t exceed 2,000 kWh a month.

Suburb Houses at Dusk

Who is Spark Energy?

Spark Energy is a nationwide gas and electric supplier that was established in 1999. The company was founded in Houston and has expanded to marketplaces in 19 states. Learn more here.

Spark Energy makes three things a priority:

Fixed Energy PlansWe have creative fixed rate plans like the Instant Boost 12 Plan that make payments predictable.

Setting the Standard for Customer Service – In deregulated energy markets customer service is just as important as rates. Spark Energy provides support and assistance that exceeds the industry norms and sets the standard customers should expect.

Community Improvement – We don’t just provide energy in a marketplace. We get involved and make investments to improve the communities we serve.



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